Authenticity Guarantee

A Certificate of Authenticity is issued with every personal diamond grown in our laboratory. The certificate will confirm the origin of your diamond and include a full diamond grading report. Heart In Diamond guarantees that the personal diamond ordered via the authorized representatives is genuine. Our lab grown diamonds are guaranteed to be physically, chemically and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds! Every diamond created in Heart In Diamond laboratory can be checked through our Authenticity Check program.
Your certified Heart In Diamond comes with the lifetime guarantee, ensuring you that your diamond has been created in compliance with all the exacting requirements of diamond growing technology, meaning it won’t fade over time or have any defects. However, the following cases are not covered:
  • intentional damage such as breakage, hammer marks, scratches, etc.
  • loss as a result of theft
  • defects as a result of high heat treatment
  • natural inclusions that are not defects but the result of growing process
  • buyer’s change-of-mind

Gemology Certificate

Heart In Diamonds are identified as diamonds and graded by such world’s foremost authorities on diamonds like the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or the International Gemological Institute (IGI). Every Heart In Diamond equal to or bigger than 0.25 carat can be accompanied by an independent gemological certificate provided by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). Certificates of gemological laboratories are available on request and subject to additional charge and timing. Heart In Diamond Certificate -- Gemological Institute Of America Heart In Diamond Certificate -- International Gemological Institute Heart In Diamond Certificate -- AnchorCert
Just like every diamond formed in the Earth’s core, every Heart In Diamond is also graded by the 4C’s (colour, clarity, cut and carat). Colour Colors range from Colorless White to Orange, Greenish, Red and even Blue. The intensity of the final colour will depend on any individual’s carbon chemical composition. Cut Brilliant, Princess or Radiant Diamond dimensions (diameter, width, height) are also measured
Carat Depends on what you’ve chosen. Clarity Our team of professionals bring vast experience and knowledge in order to achieve the best possible result for the clarity of your Heart In Diamond. Every Heart In Diamond is uniquely and individually grown. As a result, some slight inclusions, in most cases unnoticeable to the naked eye, are possible in your personal diamond, as with natural diamonds. Usually a Heart In Diamond is graded between SI (slightly included) and VS (very slightly included).


With a long list of virtues concerning their durability and toughness, natural diamonds still have some drawbacks. A highly contentious viewpoint is that they far from eco-friendly, since diamond mining involves large scale earth moving operations, thereby causing ecological threats to the environment. Concerned about this problem, scientists were looking for ways to, on the one hand, satisfy the constantly growing demand for diamonds, and on the other hand, to diminish the detrimental effects of mining processes. The alternative was found in the laboratories, where man-made real diamonds are being grown successfully. Heart In Diamond is proud to be a part of an eco-conscious society, offering 100% diamonds without any damage to the Earth’s ecosystem.


Little do people know about what thorny path a diamond should go through to be mounted in jewellery. With man made diamonds created in the laboratories under strict control of high-qualified specialists you should not worry about smuggling and child labour so often involved when it comes for diamond mining. When you pay for your Heart in Diamond you make your own contribution into conflict free society, modern innovations and healthy Nature. With that you get a beautiful, so sought after gem that will serve you endless.