Your experiences with your beautiful diamonds and our company are invaluable to us. We invite you to read moving testimonials united by a shared passion. Heart In Diamonds has been creating and selling unique diamonds since 2005. We are pleased to announce that our gems have evolved from mere jewellery to one-of-a -kind gifts for thousands of customers who chose to celebrate the milestones of their lives with our diamonds. What differentiates our diamonds from mined ones is not simply their origin but the fact that they become the constant reminder of the person you love. Please see recent testimonials in our blog

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My fiancee is extremely happy with her engagement ring. She asked me how I got the idea of selecting a created diamond for her engagement ring: I just wanted to get something special for such an important event. I decided on a blue diamond. It cost me a fortune, but she is very happy with it which makes me happy too. Thank you so much for the prompt service and the perfect ring!
– David, MA
Hello, I’m writing to you because I just want to thank you for your product and service. The idea of growing diamonds is great in itself, but the idea of culturing memorial diamonds is really brilliant. There is something touching about using jewellery to memorialize those whom you love. I always feel them beside me even if they are far away. Thank you so much.
– Irene
I ordered a solitaire with a blue princess diamond because the colour is rare and it looks good. The diamond looks fantastic and, I must say, much more expensive that it really is. My bride will love it. I’m sure! Thank you!
– Chris, NY
I love jewellery very much and luckily I have a baby daughter who is going to inherit my large collection. When she was born I wanted to give her her first diamond jewellery and of course I wanted something special… So I ordered little studs with personal pink diamonds grown from my baby’s first hair! They are so pretty and my girl looks like a beautiful little angel! Thank you!
– Emily, Wisconsin
I love diamonds, but sometimes even these beautiful gems can serve not to make you happy but to mark some tragic event… My granny has recently died. She wanted to be cremated and my mother got an idea of ordering a personal diamond of her ashes. At first the idea seemed crazy to me, but then I agreed that it’s all we can do to keep her with us somehow. Thank you!
– Pamela
Hi there! I was sooo excited when Ted proposed to me and gave me the ring with that large Yellow Orange diamond I couldn’t even dream of! It looks so sumptuous and posh. I took it to a jeweller and he said it costs about $80,000. Oh my god! Those lab diamonds you sell are really good money-savers!
– Ruth, LA
Hello. I’m writing to thank you for the good things you do for people like me. I’m 80 and quite lonely. I loved my dog Booboo very much, but he was also an old fellow and died two months ago. He was my best friend and I’m grieving very much. I just can’t imagine anyone taking his place in my heart. Thanks to you a part of him will always stay with me, right near my heart where he forever belongs – in the form of a grown Heart In Diamond. A thousand thanks for your service.
– Mrs Evers, Canada
I would never think I may become a widow at the age of 21 but that happened to me. My husband was killed in a car accident. I still feel I’m somewhere in a bad dream and I will wake up beside him. But he is far away…The only thing that stays is his hair from which the blue diamond in my ring was grown. Somehow, this keeps me going ’cause I feel he is beside me. Thank you.
– Maria, Boston
My mom is the best in the world! She has brought up 5 children alone and now all of us are quite happy and successful. For her anniversary we ordered a special gift for her – a beautiful diamond set. The gems are special – they’re grown from our hair! Now mom will always feel all her children beside her
– Lucy
Janet, my bride, is absolutely happy with her yellow diamond engagement ring. She doesn’t know the gem is cultured and thinks I sold my Aston Martin to buy the ring. I imagine how surprised she will be when she learns that I actually sold the car to take her to the best honeymoon trip ever!
– Bob
We breed horses on our farm and every animal gets its place in our hearts. We love our horses very much, and every time one dies or is sold, we miss it very much. So we are going to order some memorial diamonds made of the horses’ hair to keep them with us somehow. Thank you for your service!
– Thomas and Lilly
My fiancee Helen can hardly expect me to give her a Yellow Orange diamond engagement ring, so I’m anticipating how happy she will be! I got the ring yesterday and I can say that the gem looks perfect! No one would ever suspect it’s not natural! I just can’t wait to see her happy eyes. Thank you.
– Andrew
What a wonderful idea – to create personal diamonds for special occasions! I gave birth to our firstling Tommy in November, and my husband ordered me a pendant with a beautiful blue diamond grown from our baby’s hair! I?m happy to have such a souvenir! Every time I look at it I think of my boy and smile.
– Mary, Alabama
Hello there! I want to thank your service. You?ve made my dream come true! My husband bought me a ring with a big heart-shaped Yellow Orange diamond! I am SO happy, I feel like a movie star when I wear it!
– Chloe, NY
Our daughter Alice had cancer and we knew she would hardly live up to 18… but we hoped. Thanks to our love and hope she lived a short but happy life and died when she was 21. She was a sunny soul and we know she is watching us from above. We ordered memorial rings with diamonds grown from her ashes. We know our girl is always with us.
– Silvia and Anthony
This year Bobby and I celebrate the 20th anniversary of our wedding and we are still happy together! We ordered memorial rings with diamonds grown from our hair. We wear these rings all the time, even when we are apart I know my husband is beside me!
– Marlene, North Carolina
I loved my cat Ricky very much. He was very old when he died but still that was a tragedy for me. My family bought me a personal diamond grown from Ricky’s hair and I’m glad I can keep a part of him with me.
– Courtney
The red heart-shaped diamond my fiance presented me with is really awesome! It looks like a $100,000 real one! The pendant is immensely beautiful, I wear it all the time!
– Ashley
Louis proposed to me and gave me a stunningly beautiful diamond ring. I know he has an average income and just cannot afford this luxury, so I thought I?d kill him for wasting such a pretty penny on a piece of jewellery! But then he told me the diamond is cultured, moreover, it was grown from his hair. So, he?ll always be with me, whatever may happen. It’s so romantic and unusual! I’m very happy!
– Catherine, Virginia
My girlfriend had her birthday and I wanted to give her something special. We haven?t been dating for too long and I thought it?s too early to buy a ring, but diamond earrings with catchy yellow gems are exactly the things that will make Laura happy. She is now even happier than I expected. I?m thinking of ordering an engagement ring from your site now. Thanks!
– Bryan, South Carolina
My boyfriend Jim likes original gifts and surprises, but I never thought he?d go so far and give me a beautiful blue diamond ring with an engraving “Always Beside You”. He told me that it was his hair your specialists grew the gemstone from. So, even when my love is far away, I feel him beside me. That makes me miss him less.
– Asley, London