This is What You Can do with Cremains: From Ashes to Diamonds

Worldwide, different cultures have their own practices for remembering a loved one after they pass on. As cremation steadily gains popularity, even surpassing funerals for end-of-life options in the United Kingdom, many people who are bereaved are left wondering what to do with cremains.

Things you did not know you could do with cremated ashes

Traditionally, one of the most popular things to do with your cremated ashes when you died was to have them scattered in a special place. However, modern technology has given birth to new cremains ideas from where to put ashes (i.e. in a potted plant) to what to do with ashes (i.e. turn cremains into a diamond).

The following is a list of different things people can do with cremated ashes:

  1. Mix ashes with cement and use it to construct a monument
  2. Place the ashes inside an urn and bury them in a plot
  3. Scatter the ashes in a meaningful location
  4. Tattoo artists can mix the ashes with ink and put the cremains into a tattoo
  5. Companies allow you to send in the cremated ashes and have a vinyl record made with the songs of your choice on it and with the ashes mixed into the vinyl
  6. Have the ashes mixed in a potter with a tree
  7. Commission an artist to mix the ashes with paint and create a portrait of your loved one
  8. Send cremains to companies that can mix ashes within a giant underwater reef
  9. Suspend the ashes inside a blown glass art piece
  10. Turn the ashes in a diamond

The transformation of cremated remains to diamonds is easy and affordable

While beautiful headstones or urns may come to your mind when you first think about what to do with ashes, many people do not realize that you can have a custom diamond created that is completely unique to the one who passed away.

How? You accomplish the ultimate memorial by having the hair or cremated ashes of a loved one turned into a gorgeous lab-grown diamond.

We love seeing cremation diamonds change people’s lives

Our tradition? We create beautiful and fresh designs that are cherished by the wearer.

Our hope? We hope that individuals can find comfort in knowing that their loved one is still close to them.

Our goal? To make the transformation of ashes to cremation diamonds simple and affordable to all on a global level.

Thus far, we have accomplished many of these goals by turning cremains to diamonds at a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds and providing convenient options, such as our monthly instalment plan.

How is hair or cremated ashes turned into remembrance diamonds?

Once the laboratory professionals at Heart In Diamond UK division receive the hair or cremains sample from a client, it is exposed to a chemical and heat process that extracts only the pure carbon from the hair. Therefore, when if you want to send a combination of two or more people’s hair/or ashes, carbon from both samples is brought together and transformed into one diamond via an HPHT (high-pressure- high-temperature) process.

The combined carbon is added to a matrix foundation and placed inside the HPHT machine. Once inside, the equipment mimics the conditions that exist deep within the Earth’s mantle that are responsible for the creation of diamonds. This includes the recreation of the same extremes in both:

  1. Temperature (2,000° Celsius and up)
  2. Pressure (over 60,000 atmospheres)

Because the process exposes the same element (pure carbon) to the same conditions in terms of heat and pressure as nature does: a real diamond results. One that is authentic and identical in chemical and physical properties to a mined-diamond.

How long does it take to grow a cremation diamond?

Depending on the colour and size of diamond being created, the process can take as little as a few weeks to a couple of months at most. View our hundreds of options and combinations for diamonds in terms of…

  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Carats

…And more than 500 jewellery settings in…

  • Yellow-Gold
  • White-Gold
  • Platinum

Are you one of the thousands that do not know what to do with cremains?

Take a look at our site. You will be shocked how affordable the entire process of turning cremated ashes into diamonds can be. Still not sure? Don’t know where to start? Reach out to us today and one of our representatives will be happy to discuss options.