Memorial Diamonds Help Us Deal with Grief and Loss

Grieving can be a difficult process. Whether you lost a family member, spouse, or pet, the grief can hit you hard. You may wonder how you can keep the memory of your loved one alive forever. Luckily, there is a way—you can get a custom-made diamond to memorialize them and serve as a beautiful reminder of their beauty.

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Memorial diamonds pay tribute to your loved one

When a loved one passes away, it is devastating. The last thing you want to do is forget the memory of the deceased. From having a memorial service to getting a monument made in their honor, there are many ways to pay tribute to a special person who has passed away. Regardless on the cause of your grief or who you lost, creating a memorial can be helpful in the healing process. You can honor your loved one's life and legacy by creating a beautiful diamond in their memory.

Memorial diamonds are a wonderful way to pay tribute. Memorial jewelry is available in the form of rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and more. memorial diamonds can be made from ashes, cremated ashes, hair, fur. It is for human and pets. This type of jewelry is made from the ashes of your deceased loved one. Engagement rings and other types of rings can be infused with the ashes of a loved one. You can even get a keychain, brooch, or rosary as a forever memorial.

When your loved one’s ashes are turned into diamonds, you can have them with you at all times. You can wear cremation diamonds every day to honor them and ensure they are never forgotten. We use the latest technology for the process, and the result is a beautiful diamond that you can wear in the form of a ring or pendant.

Diamond jewellery made from hair is an incredibly unique idea. It’s personal, sentimental, and lovely. Whether you wish to remember lost loved one or honor motherhood after a loss, our created diamonds are ideal for the occasion. Remembrance diamonds can be made from ashes, cremated ashes, hair, or fur. These memorial stones are for humans and pets—no matter who you are remembering.

Memorial diamonds are as beautiful as mined diamonds. Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds have superior brilliance and purity. However, they exhibit the same natural characteristics as natural diamonds. Also, there are ethical questions surrounding earth-mined diamonds. So, socially-conscious customers opt for the conflict-free alternative.

Memorial diamonds and the grieving process

The grieving process is certainly not the same for everyone. You may have heard of the 5 stages of grief, but there is another alternative to dealing with loss—the 4 tasks of grief. Created by William Worden, these four tasks should be completed in order for the life equilibrium to be established. There is no exact formula or timeline for these tasks. They may be completed in any order, and even repeated if necessary.

The first task of the grieving process is to accept the reality of the loss. Secondly, one should process grief and pain. Next, we must adapt and adjust to our life without our loved one. The final task in the grieving process is to find a way to stay emotionally connected with the deceased. This is when memorial jewellery can help with grieving— a lovely diamond made from their ashes can remind of us their beauty.

Memorial diamonds as a commemoration

When a loved one passes away, they usually have their wishes carried out by someone close to them. Many people choose to be cremated, and this option is becoming increasingly popular. But then the question arises: what do you do with their ashes? There are many options, from keeping the ashes in an urn or releasing them in a beautiful place to getting a tattoo or planting a tree with them.

All of these options concerning what to do with cremains serve a valuable purpose in allowing people to memorialize and commemorate their deceased loved ones. One of the best ways to both keep a loved one’s memory close and to tangibly capture the beauty they brought to one’s life is to arrange for the creation of a memorial diamond. Every time they look at their beautiful gem, they can think of the lovely attributes of the deceased as well as reminisce about good times they shared.

Paying tribute to your pet with diamond jewellery

Our pets are a part of our family. When they die, it can be hard to deal with. Commemorative jewellery helps in the grieving process of your pet. Turning your pet’s ashes into diamonds is a wonderful way to keep the memories alive. Whether your pet was a dog, cat, or horse, they deserve to be immortalized. A precious memorial gem made from ashes makes this possible. This way, you can take your furry friend with your wherever you go.