Unique diamonds wedding rings: more Than Just A Sentiment

It’s easy to see why diamond wedding rings were chosen as the foremost symbol of the unbreakable bond between partners. Diamonds are a precious reminder of persistence, growth, clarity and wholehearted investment, a sentiment of love that lasts forever.

Yet, what if we told you that your choice of diamond wedding band could deliver more than just a sentiment and instead be a tangible time capsule, preserving the combined essence of you and your partner for all time? Isn’t this much more valuable than a cheap wedding ring?

Memorial or remembrance diamonds are offering couples in the new millennium a chance to make even more of a symbolic custom that’s remained unchanged since the 15th century. The memory your wedding day will be kept alive for generations to come.

At Heart in Diamond, we offer you the opportunity to use an actual combination of you and your partner’s hair to create, from scratch, a stone and a jewel that will preserve the essence of your love for generations to come. At Heart In Diamond UK we make unique diamond wedding rings from the couple’s hair. They are available for both bride and groom.

Now you can present your future partner with more than just a sentiment; you can present him or her with a piece of yourselves that will be an heirloom of particular poignance for your children and your children’s children, for posterity.

How It works

  • Decide on who you’d like to include in the creation of this forever jewel and collect a sample of hair from them. You can combine strands from yourself or your future spouse, your diamond will symbolise the solidification of your wedding bond forever. Creating an everlasting union and a great addition to an already unforgettable wedding ceremony.
  • Carbon, as you know, is the stuff of diamonds and that’s why the next step is the extraction of pure carbon from the samples provided through the application of heat and pressure; this will be compressed to form the seed for diamond growth.
  • You will be given a unique reference number which will allow you to track every step of your unique diamond wedding ring creation online.
  • Your diamond seed will be combined with any elements necessary to create the colour diamond of your choice, in what is known as a growth capsule.
  • Your growth capsule is now placed in the growth chamber, where intense heat and pressure are applied and chrysalises occurs, over the course of a few short weeks.
  • Your heart in diamond is now removed, inspected, cut and polished to the very highest industry standards, to be incorporated into the jewel or jewels of your choice. Princess cut wedding bands are very popular, but there are numerous other options.
  • The gem for your wedding ring will be graded and a certificate of authenticity provided, as proof that you are the owner of a genuine, unbreakable memorial diamond.
  • Your jewel and your certificate will be delivered to your door, either by courier or by consultant, dependent on your location.

In Life and Death

At Heart In Diamond we know that bonds of love exceed time and space and while a memorial diamond can symbolise the powerful bond that exists between two people. This diamond will serve as a monument to your eternal love.Commemorate the energy of that day and your lives together as a married couple.

Thankfully the carbon seed necessary to create a heart in diamond is obtainable from more than just a lock of hair. If you wish to preserve the essence of your big day in your forever stone, you can provide a sample of hair to achieve results that are equally dazzling as a truly unique bridal keepsake. Your marriage is your sanctuary, creating a wedding ring that is this special, will make your marriage even more meaningful.

Choices: unique wedding rings

Understanding that aesthetic choices can be complicated, we offer a one on one consultation, which can be done in person, on Skype or on FaceTime, where we’ll guide you through the process of choosing a size, carat, cut, colour and setting for your unique wedding ring.

For those who don’t require this option, choices can be made from our unique online jewellery collection.

Exceeding Expectations

Now, you’d be forgiven for assuming that a memorial diamond, which is in so many ways more than just a diamond, might set you back a considerable sum more than, say, a mined diamond. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only will Heart In Diamond give you the opportunity obtain a grade and colour diamond, if desired, that might have been near impossible to source on the mined market, we’ll exceed your expectations with some of the lowest rates in the industry.