Cremation and Memorial Jewellery Practices in the UK

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Jewellery, and an individual’s taste in jewellery, is highly personalised. Therefore, any good piece of jewellery should have its very own story that elicits more information about the one who wears it. There doesn’t exist a more intimate way to share the story about you and someone you loved who is now dead, than by turning ashes into jewellery.

When selecting the number of carats a gem should weigh for a cremation earring or the type of jewel to be placed in a cremation necklace — each person will have their own style and preference. Therefore, when it comes to custom funeral jewellery — the more options the better.

Imagine just how much more special this memorial will be when you have the ability to match the uniqueness of the person you are celebrating with the type of remembrance jewellery you select.

Well, now you can. No longer are the days of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to cremation jewellery (i.e. a simple vial to hold ashes on a necklace). Now, you can choose from a variety of funeral jewellery options, i.e. selecting from many types of cremation diamonds; choosing whether to have swirled ashes on a plate covered by glass or suspending the ash within a glass bead; deciding whether to have the name engraved on the inside of the band of a cremation ring, etc.

In the United Kingdom, various shops exist, both online stores and “brick and mortar” venues, that sell customized cremation jewellery — but their numbers are not real plentiful. However, considering the fact that the UK has one of the highest rates of cremation, this country also has one of the highest rates of cremation jewellery suppliers worldwide. But since this is still a newer industry – these types of services are expected to continuously rise.

Memorial Jewellery Dates Back to Ancient Times

Turning ashes into jewellery is a cultural practice that dates back to ancient times. However, technological advancements of the last decade and a half — have taken the art of turning ashes into jewellery to a whole new level with options such as:

  • Glass beads with swirled in cremation ash used in custom remembrance jewellery
  • Metal work with ashes using gold and silver
  • Elaborate cremation jewels that can be used in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.
  • Memorialisation of the deceased by creating a unique treasure in tribute to their memory, such as a monument, memory plaque, rock with inscription, a display of crystals, etc.

Unique to Great Britain, is the fact that memorial jewellery has been a very predominant trend for centuries — along with the cultural practices associated with grief. In particular, “funeral rings” are dominantly a British tradition that was common throughout England since the 16th century and carried on all the way into the early 1900s. Unlike the memorial rings seen today, these historical pieces were often simple gold or silver rings that were engraved with a motto or the name of the deceased.

How Cremation Jewellery Creates a Deep Feeling of Satisfaction

Cremation diamonds are one of the available options on the market when it comes to memorial jewellery. To have a funeral diamond created, you send a sample of cremains or hair to a specialised company. Once at the laboratory, a high-pressure / high-temperature machine is used to extract the carbon from the sample, and turn it into a foundation that is used to grow your synthetic diamond.

Picture the smile on your face when someone asks you about your synthetic diamond and you proudly proclaim the source of carbon embedded deep within your stone, whether it was from:

  • Strands of hair (your own, others’, or a combination)
  • A beloved pet’s ashes or hair
  • Cremains of a loved one that passed away

Funeral jewellery serves as a lifelong symbol that inspires you to spend time remembering the legacy of someone you love.

A connection between the dead and the living.

The natural and the supernatural.

A cherished sparkling tribute to your loved one after death.

Whether it is a diamond or another piece of remembrance jewellery such as a locket or vial that holds a small amount of ashes — every time a person notices or compliments your jewellery is an opportunity to share memories about the deceased. Speaking about your loved one and their death allows you to form greater acceptance and display more effective coping.

Remembrance Jewellery can Help Work Through Grief

Experiencing the loss of a loved one and the subsequent grief that follows can cause tremendous stress and pressure on the bereaved. How can you move on with your life, as everyone encourages you to do, when one of your reasons for living just died? One way or another — you find the strength to make it to the next day — but still cherish every memory you have of that person.

Bereavement and the grieving process are unique to each individual, but a common theme is that people find comfort in objects or memories that evoke emotions related to the recently departed. It’s this very attachment and importance placed on the memories of the deceased that makes cremation jewellery such as powerful tool to work through the feelings of grief.

Even professionals in the cremation business at the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) of the UK agree that memorialising the deceased and the holding rituals and traditions that accompany the funeral or cremation following death play a significant role in processing grief. Join thousands of mourners worldwide that have experienced comfort in their darkest hours through the process of having a loved one memorialised, eternally, by turning ashes into stunning jewellery.

Commemoratory Jewellery is Commonly used to Remember a Pet

Emptiness. Melancholy. Infinite sadness. Heavy emotions are experienced following the death of a good dog. As the bereaved pet owners often learn, all dogs are not created equal. Even if you have owned several dogs in your lifetime — you probably still have only one or two that really sowed a deep seed within your heart.

Even pet owners that try to replace this kind of loss with an identical animal learn the hard way — it’s just not the same. It’s never the same again. Turning ashes in funeral jewellery following the incineration of a beloved pet is a way to keep that special friend with you physically, forever.

It’s Your Love Story. Write it Your Way.

If you truly love someone with your entire being, that love is eternal, even long after death. While life may come to an end, true love carries on.

Your love, relationship, and connection to a person or pet that has died is something that only the two of you shared. With the other party now physically gone from this world — it’s up to you to carry on your never-ending love story.

Don’t put down the pen and stop writing after your loved one dies. Instead, move on to crafting the next chapter in your love affair. Worldwide, jewellery, diamonds, gems, and crystals are used to celebrate and symbolize precious moments and people in life. Symbolize the depth of your love with cremation jewellery made to honour their memory and celebrate their life.

Cremation Diamond Jewellery from Heart In Diamond UK

Given the very sensitive nature of the cremation diamond business — we take great pride in hiring professionals that are compassionate and empathetic. Customers tell us how comforting and helpful our consultants are and testify as to how their support helped them through the grieving process. When the location provides, we even send representatives to the home to show you the diamonds in person and deliver them to your doorstep. Talk to us today, and we can share with you options for cremation diamond jewellery including monthly payment plans.