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Carat option Orange-YellowYellow-GreenDeep RedBlueWhite
Mini 0.03 - 0.09 Ct£515----
Medium 0.10 - 0.19 Ct£1295£1595£1615£1700£1700
¼ Carat£1500£1745£1875£2200£2300
½ Carat£2300£3300£3500£3900£4000
¾ Carat£3300£4900£5000£5700£6600
1 Carat£4400£6195£6195£9550£9850
1 ¼ Carat£5995£7100---
1 ½ Carat£7495£8400---
2 Carats£8745£10995---

* Please note: these prices do not include jewellery settings.


Have you ever wondered how much turning ashes to diamonds cost? Use this resourceful guide to get a better idea of the average price of cremation diamonds in the United Kingdom.

Transforming your loved one who has passed on into a gorgeous authentic diamond is a unique way to keep their memory with you eternally. The surviving family member or friend finds a sense of solace and peace by keeping a physical piece of the loved one close to them at any anytime.

In fact, according to Cheshire Mum, “Many people in UK are now wishing their ashes be turned into a diamond after death and their wishes are being honoured by their loved ones.”

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How are cremation ashes transformed into a diamond?

Simply put, all diamonds are composed of 100 percent pure carbon. Heart In Diamond’s UK laboratory extracts the pure form of carbon from the sample of loved one’s ashes or any hair sample, which is then added to a diamond-growing matrix foundation.

Once prepared, the combination is placed inside of our HPHT (high-pressure high-temperature) machine. This innovative technology has the ability to grow an authentic diamond out of the carbon sample by mimicking the same conditions found deep within the Earth’s crust with temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees Celsius and pressure in excess of 60,000 atmospheres.

Cremation diamond cost is amazingly affordable and rates are often 20 to 30 percent cheaper than mined-diamonds

Considering the intense level of personalization and customization that comes with having a cremation diamond made, you may be surprised at the amazing value of purchasing memorial diamonds.

In fact, in the United Kingdom, the cost diamond of ashes to diamonds is significantly less than mined-diamonds — often by 20 to 30 percent. Furthermore, when you order a memorial diamond with Heart In Diamond, you can also apply for a convenient financing plan that can cost as low as £47 per month.

Cremation diamond, jewellery setting, and cost of cremation is usually more affordable than a burial and funeral.

It may come as a complete shock that the total price of turning the ashes to diamonds, the jewellery setting, and the cost of cremation combined typically ranges between £1451 to £6529. Compare that price to the average cost for a funeral in the UK, which according to the Royal London National Funeral Cost Index is just shy of £10,000 at £9,679. A beautiful cremation diamond could serve as a thoughtful and profoundly personal way to remember the one who passed away for generations to come, rather than the price spent on a funeral and burial which honours their memory just for that day.

Heart in diamond uk guarantees the lowest possible price for cremation diamonds.

Leaders in the industry of transforming ashes into diamonds, Heart In Diamond is proud to boast the experience and know-how along with the best technology on the market. Owning multiple production facilities enables us to offer the lowest price for funeral cremation diamonds.

Part of the availability of low prices is the fact that lab-grown diamonds in general, cost approximately 30 percent less than a mined-diamond of the same size and quality. Not to mention the fact that your personal cremation diamond is going to hold more value to you as it is made from the very substance of your loved one. It will be completely unique and formed from the cremated ashes of your deceased friend, family member, or pet.

Let’s look at the typical cost for a half carat round blue funeral diamond. Some production laboratories may charge upwards of £5731. To purchase a blue half carat round blue cremation diamond from Heart In Diamond, the cost is only approximately £4300. Our mission is to offer such a difference in prices from the competitors that literally anyone working with any budget is able to purchase a cremation diamond.

Factors that affect the overall cost of a cremation diamond

Cost estimation for funeral diamonds from Heart In Diamond will depend on the size of the diamond, the colour, and the setting chosen to mount the diamond in unless you are purchasing a loose stone.

For example, even when purchasing a diamond of the same colour, the size that has been selected will determine the overall price. A quarter carat round white diamond will cost about £2300. A half carat white round diamond costs £4000. Finally, a one carat white round diamond will run about £9850.

Colours available from Heart In Diamond include a deep red, blue, white, yellow-green and orange-yellow. Following the pricing table below, you will see that the cost for the cremation diamonds also fluctuates depending on the colour you select. See cremation diamond price list.