Creation Process

In order to create something as truly beautiful and heartfelt as your personal diamond, we employ only the best and most reliable practises for the process to culminate in perfection. That said, we add a healthy dose of passion and commitment to creating each and every personal diamond that comes out of our lab.

Step 1

Upon our receiving of your signed Purchasing Order Form, you will be issued with a Heart In Diamond ID number, which you can use to track the status of your order through an Order Tracking page.

Once the hair or ashes sample* is arrived at the laboratory, it undergoes the process of analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to define the chemical composition and extract the carbon out of the material.

*0.5 – 2 grams of hair or 100 grams of ashes are required for creation of your personal diamond.

Step 2

After the sample analysis is completed, the carbon contained within will be extracted and added to the diamond growing foundation, out of which a unique crystalline matrix will grow, creating a personal diamond.

Step 3

The mixture is placed in the core of the HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) machine. This unique and complex machinery will recreate diamond-growing conditions, similar to those deep in the Earth’s crust where typical HPHT conditions are in excess of 2000°C and 60,000 atmospheres, that will be applied to grow your personal diamond.

Step 4

After the growth phase is completed our specialists will polish and cut your diamond in accordance to industry standards to accommodate your request.

Step 5

After the diamond is cut and polished, it goes through our strict quality control and grading processes. When all the aforementioned is done, we issue an Authenticity Certificate containing all the details about your personal diamond.

As you can see, your Heart In Diamond goes through many stages of development before it becomes a personal diamond. It requires between 70 to 120 days (depending on the Purchase Option), from the moment we receive the hair or ashes samples at our laboratory in order to create and deliver the personal diamond to your doorstep. Please note, that production time can be shorter than 70 days, if the current load of the lab allows it.

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