Can you turn a person’s ashes into diamonds?

Authentic diamonds can be created from the ashes of a loved one. Because the human body is 18% carbon, after the cremation process 2% of that carbon remains. Chemicals and heat can extract this carbon. It’s then added to a diamond-growing foundation, where it will grow into a diamond through exposure to high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) technology.

What’s the Process of Creating Diamonds out of Cremated Ashes?

  • A sample of cremains is collected and sent off to Heart In Diamond’s memorial diamond laboratory.
  • Once it arrives at the facility, the sample is analysed and a unique diamond tracking ID number is given to the client so that they can look up their diamond and monitor which stage of the process it’s in, from start to finish.
  • A chemical process combined with extreme heat is used to extract the pure carbon from the sample of cremations.
  • This carbon sample is added to a diamond-growing foundation — and then placed inside an HPHT machine, that heats the sample to more than 2000℃ and applies pressure in excess of 60,000 atmospheres. This environment is a replication of the conditions found deep within the Earth’s mantle where mined-diamonds were created years ago.
  • The sample remains inside of the machine for a period that ranges from about six to twelve weeks.
  • Once the diamond growth phase is completed, it’s then cut and polished according to the highest standards in the industry, and in line with the customer’s specifications.
  • The cremation diamond is then graded according to the 4Cs and issued a genuine Certificate of Authenticity, that verifies that it is a real, authentic diamond.
  • If the diamond is to be set in a custom jewellery setting from Heart In Diamond, this process is done next.
  • Finally, the diamond or diamond jewellery is delivered to the customer, often in person by a representative depending on their location — or by a certified courier.