Imagine. A diamond created with you in mind at the heart of the industry.

Joy. Fulfilment. Honour. Experience the emotions of gratification and pride that come from owning an original diamond that is truly unlike any other in the world.

When you send in a sample of cremains, or hair from a pet or loved one, the experts at Heart In Diamond use top-of-the-line industry equipment at our home office right here in the United Kingdom to transform this DNA-containing matter into a diamond.

Transform a ‘treasured’ memory into a physical treasure.

It’s been said that “when someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.” Modern technology allows you to take this metaphor one step further and make it a reality when you have their cremations literally turned into remembrance diamonds.

Thousands of our clients love the fact that they can choose the exact cut and colour of the diamond they want, along with a unique jewellery setting when they shop with Heart In Diamond. Specifications made to funeral diamonds by the client make remembering the departed a more personal experience.

Tender moments embedded within the world’s hardest substance.

When someone that you love dearly is going through the dying process, or has experienced death — even a mere thought of that person becomes more precious than pearls.

You have the opportunity to take those soft memories, experiences, and moments you had with a loved and immortalize them when their very DNA is embedded in funeral diamonds.

How cremation diamonds change people’s lives. Forever.

How is one supposed to breathe without air? Experiencing the loss of a close friend, spouse, child, parent, family member, or pet — literally can make the person grieving feel like they are being told to breathe without oxygen.

Synthetic diamonds have the power to create a legacy borne out of the pain and sting of death.

When love is real, it finds a way. Even beyond the grave.

Whoever crafted traditional marriage vows that include, “to have and to hold, to love and to cherish — till death do us part” — obviously never lost a true love.

Cremation diamond types of jewellery and memorials allow you to take this vow even more literal — with the ability to actually have and hold a physical part of the deceased — forever.

A good dog can never be replaced. Ever.

Your companion that never left your side. The one that was there for you even when the rest of the world wasn’t. That loving dog that always seemed to understand just what you were going though.

It’s this type of dog that can never be replaced. Rather than try to replace a good pet (an impossible feat), use some of their hair or cremated ashes to immortalize your pet by having them turned into a diamond.

A person’s jewellery should tell a tale. What’s yours say?

If you research any of the most famous diamonds around the world and in the history of the United Kingdom — you are going to find a unique tale behind each piece (for example the 105.6-carat Koh-i-Noor diamond whose acquisition has been a matter of debate since 1849).

Cremation diamonds cost less than their Earth-mined counterparts, yet bring a greater depth to the significance of the diamond jewellery.

In the face of grief — remember — diamonds are made under pressure.

Experts in the cremation business attest to the importance of rituals and memorials in processing grief. Hear the personal stories from people that have found comfort by having their loved one memorialised by turning them into a diamond, and more about how cremation diamonds change people’s lives at our page about grief.

Let your heart be your guide

Events in life that are typically associated with purchasing diamonds (weddings, funerals, estate planning, anniversaries) — are highly emotional in nature.

If your heart is leading you to consider a synthetic diamond — follow your instinct so that you are not left with a lifetime of regret of not having a memorial diamond made or purchasing a natural diamond at the expense of humanity. Read some information here that truly speaks to your heart.

Follow the logic and reasoning in your mind

If you are being led to purchase a laboratory-grown diamond, the next logical step is to consider all the details. You will quickly realise that synthetic diamonds just make sense.

Cremation diamonds’ ordering and manufacturing processes are straightforward and allow you to customize the exact look of your gem. Ecological benefits of synthetic diamonds make them the only humane choice in the industry. Furthermore, cremation diamonds cost about 30 percent less than mined diamonds. Still not convinced? Read more about the process involved in the ordering and manufacturing of cremation diamonds.

Create your customized diamond in 5 simple steps:

During the most emotionally-heightened stages in your life, the last thing you need are tedious processes and time-consuming procedures to order the memorial diamond you desire. Simply:

  • Select the diamond you want to order.
  • Choose from our collection of high-quality jewellery settings. Can’t find what you love or envision? Contact us, and we can make custom arrangements with our design service, Bespoke.
  • Send in a sample of loved one’s or pet’s cremation ashes, or hair.
  • Sit back and relax as the professionals at our UK-based diamond creation lab extract the carbon from your sample and add this to a diamond growing foundation to create your unique gemstone.
  • Experience the satisfaction and surprise of having your personalised diamond delivered right to your door.

Shop with confidence knowing that you will have the lowest available price for funeral diamonds. Guaranteed.

You deserve to get the best of both worlds. Cremation diamonds cost less than natural diamonds. At least they should. Despite this well-known fact, some companies will markup memorial diamonds to come out the same price or more expensive than mined diamonds!

Not us. We work hard to keep production costs low, and because we are a leading cremation diamonds ordering and manufacturing hub — we are able to implement a tried and trusted process at the lowest possible price. In fact, if you find cremation diamond services for a lower price anywhere in the world, not just in the United Kingdom — we will match it.

Get to Know the People at Heart In Diamond

Worldwide thousands have entrusted us to create stunning synthetic diamonds for wedding rings, engagement rings, memorial jewellery, heirlooms, and other highly-valued cremation diamond types.

Allow our supportive consultants to gently guide you through the process and support you as you make this important decision. Talk to us today to learn more about your options, including our convenient monthly instalment plans.