Men’s cremation rings: unique symbols of love for centuries

Memorial jewellery has been worn worldwide for hundreds of years, and not just by women! Whether it’s a commemoratory ring or memorial ring, various masculine pieces of remembrance jewellery have been worn by men for centuries.

While men wear earrings, bracelets, and necklaces – generally speaking – rings are the most common jewellery worn by men. Continue reading to learn more about antique cremation rings and how they compare to modern celebration rings for the fellas.

A look back at the first cremation rings for men

Tradition throughout the years and the deep human need to commemorate a loved one has kept the trend of funeral jewellery going strong ever since it emerged centuries ago.

The very first cremation jewellery that was documented occurred before the Victorian era. Ironically, the Victorian era is often credited for the emergence of memorial jewellery simply because that time period experienced an extreme peak in popularity due to the public mourning of Queen Elizabeth.

During the Victorian era, men often wore memorial jewellery (such as a funeral jewellery ring) alongside women throughout a period of mourning. Thus, pieces that emerged from this era are commonly referred to as ¨mourning¨ jewellery

What do antique funeral rings look like?

A vintage remembrance jewellery ring from more than 200 years ago is going to look much different than a modern eternity ring.

An original cremation ring, worn by either a boy or a man, was typically nothing more than a plain band that had the name of the deceased engraved on the inside. Oftentimes, specific dates, such as a birth date and/or death date, were also found inside the ring, with or without the person’s name or initials.

Like much of the funeral jewellery from this era, a traditional memorial ring sometimes held a part of the deceased person’s hair, ashes, or remains. However, jewellery designs during this time included either the encapsulation of said remains or intricate art made with the hair or ashes.

These elaborate pieces that featured a weave or an artistic design made out of hair were typically favoured by women for the more luxurious look. Men typically opted for a more subdued ring, often in the color black.

Modern memorial rings for the savvy boy or gentleman

Modern cremation rings for men bear little to no resemblance to their dated predecessors. Because of the advanced diamond-growing technology available in the UK and worldwide, the use of cremation diamonds in commemorative ring settings has literally exploded in popularity.

Today’s man has many customization options for a truly unique memorial jewellery ring, such as:

  • How much the diamond should weigh in carats
  • If there should be any accent jewels (in a halo, on the shoulder, etc.) or just the solitaire stone
  • What color and shape the cremation diamond should be
  • Which ring setting to use (more than 500 available)
  • The type of metal in the jewellery (i.e. yellow gold, white gold, platinum)

Why should a man choose a celebration diamond for a wedding ring?

Perhaps the most common ring worn by men in the UK (and worldwide for that matter) is…

…of course…

a wedding ring!

So why would a man choose to have celebration diamond used in the matrimonial piece that will adorn his ring finger?

Connection. Personalisation. Love.

Above being unique, a celebration diamond from Heart In Diamond is actually created from the physical carbon extracted from the hair from anyone, living or deceased.

An authentic diamond can be made from a sample of hair from anyone!

When it comes to a wedding ring single or set, couples typically use a sample from each one’s hair to join together eternally. Take a look around the Heart In Diamond UK website to find the perfect ring for the man in your life!