Cremation Necklaces: Diamond Pendants from Ashes that Memorialise a Loved One

Funerals. Memorials. Wakes.

Ceremonies and rituals that are performed when a person dies have existed since the beginning of time. Along with this, over the years people have constructed monuments, tombs, paintings, jewellery, and other tributes to the deceased to honor their memory long after they had passed away.

In the United Kingdom many believe that the tradition of cremation jewellery or cremation pendants started in the 1800s with the most famous mourner being Queen Victoria. She wore black clothing had jewellery made with locks of her late husband’s hair. Typically, this type of jewellery was worn during the mourning period, however, Queen Victoria mourned for Albert for the rest of her life. In these times the jewellery used to be dark (typically black).

Cremation necklaces made with a very intimate approach

Memorial jewellery has drastically changed since the Victorian Era. Now, you have the opportunity to create beautiful lasting memories of loved ones through cremation diamonds made from the ashes or hair of a loved one. At Heart In Diamond, you can choose from more than 500 jewellery settings, which includes pieces that are both stunning and practical enough to be worn all the time.

Remember your loved one the way you want to. Personalise your cremation necklace to capture precious memories of the deceased in a beautiful and loving way. Cremation necklaces come in a variety of styles that are predominantly determined by length. Keep reading to learn more about the various styles of cremation necklaces made with remembrance diamond pendants.

Chaplet cremation necklace

This is a rosary-inspired necklace that often features a cross at the end. One or more memorial diamonds can be placed at intervals around the necklace or at a specific point a cremation pendant can be added to the chain.

Necklet or choker cremation necklaces

A necklet or choker sits against the neck of the wearer. The centre of the necklace houses the diamond-adorned pendant. The look can be intensified with crystal, pearls, glass, or other diamonds and crafted into a gorgeous pattern.

Princess cremation necklace

Princess necklaces are those that fall at the collarbone of the wearer. They are longer than a choker but shorter than a matinee. These can range from very simple to extravagant necklaces.

Matinee cremation necklace

Matinee necklaces are those designed to sit just below the collarbone. This style of cremation necklaces is perhaps the most versatile as it goes well casually or professionally. A matinee necklace is longer than the princess style, but shorter than the opera length and makes a great statement piece for layering.

Opera cremation necklace

Opera necklaces are those designed to be quite long and typically formed from jewels along a chain (such as pearl necklaces) or ending in a statement piece (such as a cremation pendant).

Rope cremation necklace

Rope necklaces are those that sit below the breastbone. Usually, these do not come with many gems but adding a pendant that features a cremation diamond will bring this style to life, along with a memory of a loved one.

Locket or pendant cremation necklace

Create a unique pendant for necklaces by sending in the hair or cremated ashes of a loved one to Heart In Diamond UK to be transformed into a stunning diamond. Then, choose from our variety of pendants on the website to find the one that perfectly represents your cherished memories.

No matter which type of necklace you choose, incorporating a Heart In Diamond lab-grown diamond will create a fitting memory of a loved one. This unique and memorable piece will be cherished as you wear it close to your heart, for a lifetime.