Why turning ashes into jewellery is the ultimate tribute to a loved one

Death leaves a sting that is unbearable at least and life-altering at best. To have a person or a pet that was always by your side and with you through thick and thin, removed from your life — can easily amount to the deepest pain and worse event you may ever experience.

Starting in the immediate grieving period following the death of a loved one, people look for ways to pay tribute to, or memorialise their loved ones. In the United Kingdom, people are still practising traditional customs when it comes to memorialising a loved one and combining these with modern practices, such as turning ashes into jewellery. As stated on the Funeral Cost Help website:

Today many individuals choose to combine UK funeral traditions with contemporary elements to create a personalised service that they believe their loved one would have been proud of.

Memorial pendants and jewellery that’s a step above the rest

What is the highest honour that could be shown to a loved one when it comes to the creation of memorial jewellery? What is the most sought-after gem coveted worldwide? What is the ultimate stone to complete any brooch, ring, bracelet, necklace, or another piece of jewellery?

Diamonds, of course!

Transforming the cremated ashes of a loved one into a diamond is an honourable way to show your love and memorialise the life of a loved one that passed on.

How memorial jewellery changes lives

A hole. A dark pit of complete emptiness is felt by the bereaved. While nothing can replace the loved one or “fill this void” — comfort can be found in simple tokens and keepsakes that bring to mind memories of the deceased.

Take a young woman who lost her mother for instance. After the sudden death of her mom, she was having a hard time coping and moving on with her life. She decided to have a sample of her mother’s cremated ashes transformed into a lovely blue diamond, which was her mom’s favourite colour.

An antique solitaire ring was chosen by the young woman which resembled the wedding ring her mother wore. Once she received the ring, immediately she felt comfort and even experienced the presence of her mom. She wore the ring at all times which made her feel connected to her deceased mother, eternally.

Gold jewellery options for memorial diamonds

A timeless classic, gold jewellery never loses its appeal. When shopping for customized jewellery settings for your memorial diamond, consider the variety of options you have when it comes to gold.

Many customers choose to have a pair of cremation diamonds made, perhaps for siblings, or even as a symbol of love between two partners by using locks of hair. These two diamonds could be set in matching bracelets, watches, or keepsake pendants.

Memorial diamonds used in silver jewellery

Whether you are looking for a brooch, cufflink, tie pin, tie clip, chain or another classic piece of jewellery, silver is a stunning and neutral metal that complements any type of dress or jewellery selection.

Versatile in nature, silver jewellery is great for everyday casual wear or for dressing up in your finest clothes for a special occasion.

Heart In Diamond can help make a vision for your memorial diamond a reality

If you have a custom piece of jewellery in mind that you want to use for your memorial diamond, Heart In Diamond will be happy to pair you with one of the fine jewellers we work with in the UK. Another option we provide is to order your cremation diamond to be sent to you as a loose stone, then you have the freedom to do what you choose with it.