Cremation rings are forever. Choose wisely by following this guide to memorial diamond rings

Flowers wilt away and die. Blankets tatter and tear over the years. Most keepsakes treasured by the bereaved in tribute to their loved one in honour of their memory are constructed from time-sensitive materials that will also one day end.

Which timeless gift or memento is notorious for lasting forever?

A diamond!

The meaning behind a remembrance ring from Heart In Diamond goes much deeper than the surface level. An authentic diamond that was created from either cremated ashes or hair of a loved one or someone close to you is the stone used in our memorial diamond rings. This precious stone is equal in terms of chemical and physical properties to a mined-diamond, yet it costs a fraction of the price and is the only “conflict-free”, eco-friendly alternative to “blood diamonds”.

Why rings rank supreme amongst funeral jewellery

Cremation and memorial jewellery have been around for centuries — but the memorial ring has perhaps the most history behind it.

What is it that makes cremation rings so special?

Why are funeral rings so popular in contrast to other memorial jewellery?

Not just in the realm of remembrance jewellery, but in the entire jewellery industry – rings have been the most popular type for thousands of years. Early cremation rings did not feature diamonds, rather they were made from materials such as wood or metal, and the name of the person was engraved on the inside of the ring. Sometimes this accompanied their birthdate and/or death date.

The original cremation rings often contained a remnant of hair, ashes, nails, or even blood within the piece of jewellery. While many of these types featured a small encasing to house the sample, other styles incorporated the matter into a design. For instance, many antique funeral rings display hair that’s been arranged in an intricate image or design (usually a tree or wheat).

As rings became more popular featuring a solitaire diamond set in the middle, some people wore diamond rings in honour of a loved one that passed away. However, it wasn’t until the advanced diamond-creation technology became more available near the close of the 20th century that cremation diamonds were created from the ashes or hair of a loved one or pet. Now, the memorial ring has been taken to a whole new level.

Your guide to cremation rings, settings, diamonds, and more

To get a base starting point for choosing the ring you want, it’s imperative you know the different styles and types of rings available, including:

  • Solitaire ring
    Perhaps one of the most popular types of rings worldwide, a solitaire ring is one that uses the diamond as the centrepiece of the jewellery. While typically the diamond is the only stone on this type of ring, more accent crystals, jewels, or diamonds are now featured on the shoulder or band of the solitaire ring.

  • Eternity ring
    The immortal essence of true love is symbolized by an eternity ring. Traditional eternity rings were created from a precious metal band with small diamonds set around the band.

  • Halo ring
    Both traditional and modern, a halo ring setting surrounds a memorial diamond with several other small diamonds or jewels bordering the gem.

  • Reverie ring
    A reverie ring is more referred to as a “split shank”. Just as the popular name implies, this is a ring that features a splitting of the band right at the bezel for the memorial diamond.

Cremation diamond colours and their meanings

At Heart In Diamond, we can create authentic memorial diamonds in any of the following five colours:

  • White or colourless: thought to be influenced by the moon, white gemstones are associated with sleep and physic powers. White is also a colour that represents purity and kindness. A white diamond is not actually coloured, rather it’s a lack of any colour.
  • Deep red: long-time associated with heat and warmth, red is the colour of passion. It’s the colour of blood which makes it symbolic of vitality and life.
  • Yellow-green: as green is the colour often associated with money and prosperity, green diamonds are often worn with the intent to attract wealth. In addition, the colour green is symbolic of growth and fertility.
  • Orange-yellow: thought to enhance creativity and promote power and self-esteem, orange is a colour associated with curiosity, warmth from the sun, healing, and power.
  • Blue: symbolic of sincerity and spirituality, a blue cremation diamond is said to bring about a sense of peace and to help calm ragged emotions. Oftentimes people that have a hard time sleeping or frequent nightmares choose a blue gemstone for their jewellery.

Cuts and carats of cremation diamond rings

Cremation diamonds from Heart In Diamond come in three standard cuts, including:

  • Brilliant
  • Radiant
  • Princess

Options are not only limited to these three cuts. Contact us today and ask about our other options for cuts and settings, including our heart-cut cremation diamonds, and more.

Dozens of funeral jewellery ring styles to choose from

Are you in love with the vintage look of a halo solitaire ring setting?

Do you picture yourself with a wedding ring that features a sleek modern design with a large diamond that’s two carats in weight?

Or perhaps you’re the type that would love to adorn your ring finger with a fancy Waverley diamond cremation ring that features jewels on each shoulder.

No matter what type of vision you have for your commemoratory ring — at Heart In Diamond, we are ready to make this a reality!

Browse over 500 different jewellery settings available on our website. Within this selection, a huge stash of ring settings are available, including unique ones such as an Odessa diamond cremation ring, or a reverie cremation ring (split shank).

Can’t find what you want on the website? We can connect you with a skilled jeweller in the United Kingdom

You will treasure your customized cremation diamond ring that was designed and created with the help from one of the professional jewellers we work with throughout the UK. Some clients may not find what they are looking for on the website.

Custom pieces such as a lotus flower cremation ring or a willow diamond cremation ring are not included in our traditional settings — but this does not mean we can’t help you order your dream remembrance ring.

In situations such as these, our consultants match the client to one of the trusted professional jewellers we work with throughout the UK. Together, we all collaborate to ensure the client receives what they want in their cremation ring from the accent stones to the bezel. This option is also suitable for those that want to try the ring on first and see the setting in person. At Heart In Diamond — we will turn the cremated ashes or hair into the diamond that is then sent off to the specified jeweller to be set in the jewellery chosen by the client.