Everything you need to know about cremation jewellery rings

Rings that showcase a memorial diamond created from the ashes of a loved one serve a single purpose:

To celebrate the memory of the deceased.

Not just cremation diamond rings, but all remembrance jewellery shares this common purpose.

Diamond memorial jewellery made with cremation diamonds

Funeral jewellery is worn in tribute to a loved one. This custom is similar to how a monument or plaque is created as a way of memorialising the deceased.

Such a deeply sentimental keepsake makes a heart-warming addition to any wardrobe or home. Quickly, a new piece of precious cremation jewellery becomes a family heirloom to treasure for generations.

Why choose cremation jewellery rings before other pieces?

Clients that order custom cremation jewellery rings seek to capture the essence or uniqueness of their loved one by their choice of style, colour, metal, and jewels used in the ring.

Worldwide, people wear different jewellery. At Heart In Diamond, we create more than cremation rings. Whether you are looking for a:

  • Cremation necklace
  • Cremation earring
  • Cremation ring

…with all the following to choose from…

  • Five colours
  • Nine sizes
  • Many cuts
  • Up to two carats in weight
  • One of three types of metal (white/yellow gold, platinum silver)

….You’re sure to find a cremation ring that evokes memories of your loved one at our site.

Precious metal alloys used in cremation jewellery in the UK

Precious metals have been used to create jewellery for centuries. Consumers do not always realize that the metal used in a specific piece of jewellery is not in its pure form. In fact, for most types of metals, including gold and platinum, the purest form is too soft and it would not withstand being worn as jewellery without warping.

This exact problem is the reasons metal alloys were invented. Science explains how the metal alloy creation process works. According to the BBC:

The properties of a metal are changed by including other elements, such as carbon. A mixture of two or more elements, where at least one element is a metal, is called an alloy. Alloys contain atoms of different sizes, which distort the regular arrangements of atoms. This makes it more difficult for the layers to slide over each other, so alloys are harder than the pure metal.

Gold cremation diamond rings

Ever since the documented history of jewellery, gold has been considered the highest standard for jewellery metal. It didn’t take long after gold hit the jewellery scene in Britain for wearers and crafters to realize the soft nature of pure gold left memorial jewellery prone to changing shape over the years.

When alloys were introduced a couple hundred years ago, they provided a way to have strong and durable gold substance superb for jewellery construction. When referencing such alloys within gold, the term carats is used. Carats represent what percentage of alloys are used and what percentage is pure gold. For instance, 24-carat gold means the piece is 76-percent pure gold and 24-percent alloy.

People often confuse the number of carats being high with the metal being softer. Many consumers assume a nine-carat gold diamond ring will be more resistant to marks and scratches than one of higher carat weight, such as 18-carat gold. According to the National Association of Jewellers´ guide to precious metals, nickel, and hallmarking:

This is not necessarily the case. Many manufacturers producing 18-carat gold jewellery ensure that, as the jewellery is higher quality, the alloy is harder wearing. This way when you have bought a piece of fine jewellery it will last a long time.

Platinum cremation and celebration rings

Although platinum is sometimes referenced as the ¨hard metal” it’s not the platinum that creates this perceived hardness. With both in their purest forms, platinum is softer than gold. The constituents added to this precious metal are what make platinum jewellery hard wearing.

The typical platinum alloy used for jewellery is 95 percent pure. Its colour elicits an elegant grey/white effect. Rhodium is often used to plate platinum to make it appear whiter. Crafting platinum jewellery is complicated and requires a great deal of expertise due to its softness. While most people do not realize it, platinum is actually rarer than gold, which explains why its price is higher.

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