How do you make a diamond out of ashes?

Cremation ashes can be transformed into authentic diamonds with modern technology. Memorial diamond manufacturers use high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) machines that recreate the natural conditions found deep within Earth’s mantle. Carbon is extracted from the ashes first — then this carbon is added to a foundation and placed inside an HPHT machine where it grows into a diamond.

Ashes to Diamonds: The Step-by-Step Process

  • A sample of ashes is collected in the amount of approximately 100 grams. The customer sends this sample to our Heart in Diamond UK laboratory.
  • When the sample is received, an order ID number is issued to the client so that they can track the progress of the diamond throughout the creation process.
  • Analysis of the ashes is completed and the carbon within that sample is extracted and added to a crystalline matrix diamond-growing foundation.
  • The diamond-growing foundation combined with the carbon sample is placed in the middle of an HPHT machine where it is exposed to an excess of 2000°C and 60,000 atmospheres of pressure. This environment causes the carbon to grow into a diamond.
  • Once the diamond growth phase is complete, industry experts cut and polish the memorial diamond according to the highest standards while meeting the order requests made by the client.
  • The diamond is graded and ran through rigorous quality controls.
  • Finally, an Authenticity Certificate is issued that lists all the details of the newly-created cremation diamond.