How much is a .25 carat diamond worth?

A diamond is graded and valued according to the 4Cs, which include:

  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Carat

Carat is a term that refers to the weight of a diamond or gemstone. One full carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Because the weight represents the size of a diamond, most diamond sellers and shoppers in the UK refer to a diamond’s size in carats.

What is a .25 carat diamond worth?

The value and price for a diamond of this size varies but is generally between £200 GBP and £310 GBP. Besides the grading of the diamond according to the three other Cs (cut, colour, and clarity), the fluctuation in market value also affects the price of a .25 carat diamond.

Factors Considered when Determining the Value of a Diamond

  • If specific qualities of the prospected diamond are considered rare or in speculative diamond, the price could be at a premium amount — which could be significantly higher than the average market value. Typically, this is only true for large, fine cut diamonds.
  • Resources, like the Rapaport Diamond Price List, could have the value of a diamond listed much higher than the actual price a .25 carat diamond is being sold for in the current market.
  • Every diamond is unique, and therefore the price cannot be determined by the size alone. A very-well cut diamond could cost twice as much as an equally-sized, poorly-cut diamond.
  • While carat refers to the weight of a diamond and is a fairly accurate predictor of size, it’s not a standard. Two diamonds could have the same carat weight but might be a different size.