Jewellery from ashes — All your questions answered

For most people, losing a loved one is the most painful event in their entire life, and they would give anything just to have another moment in the presence of that person.

This intense craving for physical closeness with a loved one who has died is the number one reason people have cremation jewellery made from ashes. As the popularity of cremation continues to rise, as do the numerous options for jewellery from ashes, including diamonds, glass cremation jewellery, capsule memorial jewellery, and more.

What types of cremation jewellery are popular in the UK market? We look at the options for jewellery made with cremated ashes.

Cremation Diamond Jewellery

For cremation jewellery, diamonds made from pure carbon extracted from the ashes of a loved one’s remains are the most stunning type of memorial jewellery. Cremation diamonds from Heart In Diamond are available in a variety of colours, including red, blue, yellow-green, orange-yellow, and white. The three most popular cuts are princess, radiant, and brilliant. Over 500 jewellery settings are available to set the cremation diamond in, including rings, earrings, and pendants.

Glass Cremation Jewellery

Customized glass jewellery can be made that features suspended cremation ashes within each piece of jewellery. In the United Kingdom — there are many online stores that sell cremation glass jewellery, such as Ashes Into Jewellery, Ash Glass Design, Footprints and Whispers Memorial Gifts, and others.

Capsule Memorial Jewellery

Jewellery that features a small vial or locket-type enclosure that holds a small amount of cremated ashes have been worn and sold long before cremation glass and cremation diamonds existed. The designs for these types of jewellery pieces are endless, providing a wide range of customization for the person who is purchasing the remembrance jewellery.