Are lab-created diamonds real diamonds?

While laboratory-grown diamonds are made within a lab rather than deep within the earth’s crust — these gems are still 100 percent real diamonds. In terms of the chemical and physical properties, there is no difference between lab-grown diamonds and mined-diamonds. In fact, even the world’s most-renowned gemologists cannot tell the difference.

Cremation Diamonds from Heart In Diamond are Authentic Diamonds

One of the most common questions we receive about cremation diamonds is whether or not they are real diamonds. We’re proud to inform you that: Yes! The memorial diamonds from Heart In Diamond are authentic, laboratory-grown diamonds.

In terms of chemical and physical properties, one of our funeral diamonds is identical to a diamond from De Beers that required extensive mining and destruction of the earth in order to become available to you.

Origin is the Only Difference Between a Diamond Grown in a Lab vs a Diamond Grown Underground

Man-made diamonds are grown from a pure carbon source, and are made of the same pure Sp3 carbon that composes a mined-diamond. At Heart In Diamond, every cremation diamond we create comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which provides a detailed diamond grading report that certifies the lab-grown diamond is the same as a blood diamond.

The only difference that exists is the processes used to make the diamond. At Heart In Diamond, we use the HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature) method to grow memorial diamonds.

The other process used to create laboratory diamonds is known as the CVD (chemical vapour deposition) method. Both of these processes begin with a pure carbon sample and are capable of producing real diamonds that can even be tougher and more beautiful that a typical mined-diamond.