Are man made diamonds cheaper?

Man-made (aka lab-grown, synthetic, conflict-free) diamonds are not only 20 to 40 percent cheaper than mined-diamonds — they are also more ethical.

In fact, laboratory-grown diamonds are also referred to as conflict-free diamonds, because people were not taken advantage of and the earth was not robbed and destructed in order to bring these diamonds to the market. Whereas mined-diamonds, which have earned the title ‘blood diamonds’ by many, have a long history of inhumane working conditions used to hunt for the diamonds, and the devastation caused by the enormous diamond mines and craters destroy entire ecosystems and greatly impact the environment.

It’s important to understand the difference between man-made diamonds and simulated diamonds. Man-made or synthetic diamonds, are real diamonds with identical physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds, whereas simulated diamonds are fake.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Cheaper than Mined-Diamonds

At Heart In Diamond UK, we create authentic lab-grown diamonds from carbon that has been extracted from cremated ashes or hair of loved ones or pets. People all over the United Kingdom, and worldwide, are able transform a loved one that has passed away from cremains into stunning diamond jewellery.

Considering the fact that a memorial diamond made from a loved one’s ashes holds such great sentimental value and is the same chemically and physically as a mined-diamond, you might expect to pay a higher price tag.

You may be surprised to learn that our cremation diamonds are in fact cheaper than mined-diamonds by as much as 20 to 40 percent on average, making them an affordable option for nearly anyone. Furthermore, we provide a convenient monthly instalment plan which helps hundreds of people, buy the memorial diamond jewellery they want.