Memorial Diamonds Made from Hair are the Latest Trend in Wedding Rings

She said yes. The wedding proposal was accepted. The date has been set. It’s now time to start planning.

Decisions must be made regarding the venue, food, music, colours, flowers, dress, cake, photography, and more. According to the 2017 UK Wedding Report, the bride will conduct most of the wedding planning (99 percent) often with help from her partner (81 percent), her mother (42 percent), bridesmaids (31 percent), sisters (17 percent), and partner’s mother (16 percent).

While each planning consideration is important, none of them carry as much weight as the choice of wedding ring. Long after the wedding day and celebration is over, the ring will be a lifetime symbol to commemorate the vows, love, and commitment of the couple.

Couples want to purchase a ring that is memorable and turns heads. This is why most brides will tell you that uniqueness is perhaps the most important quality when selecting wedding rings.

What if I told you there are memorial diamond types that can be created from the very substance of the partners being married? That memorial diamonds can be used in wedding ring sets that contain the actual DNA of the bride and the groom? Or what if I told you that remembrance diamonds used in wedding sets are 100 percent unique and unlike any others in the world?

What once sounded like a far-fetched fantasy is now a reality with memorial diamonds.

A Commemorative Diamond is Made from Locks of Hair

Because the term “memorial diamonds” is commonly associated with diamonds made from cremated ashes — most people do not realize there is another organic source of carbon that can be used to make a diamond — hair.

Whose hair? Your hair. Your fiancé’s hair. Hair that belonged to a family member, pet, or child. Commemorative diamonds can even be made from a combination of hair from more than one person. In fact, couples that choose remembrance diamonds for wedding ring sets often combine their hair for the diamond creation process.

Once a couple sends us their sample, modern equipment is used to extract the carbon from the hair. This carbon is then subjected to a process that causes it to grow into a commemorative diamond. This literally means that the two people are joined together, chemically, forever, and will be deeply embedded in the gemstone. Such a powerful gesture serves as a tribute to their love and the resulting diamond will be unlike any other the world has ever seen.

In fact, because the carbon extracted from each person is original, all memorial diamond types are 100 percent unique and can never be replicated exactly. For couples searching for a one-of-a-kind bridal set, engagement ring, or wedding ring — it doesn’t get any more personalized and meaningful than memorial diamonds.

Rings Have Been Exchanged at Weddings for Centuries as Symbols of Love. Remembrance Diamonds Bring Deeper Meaning and Significance to this Tradition.

Circular rings have symbolized the eternal connection of love and commitment within a marriage since the ancient Greeks started the tradition. In the mid-15th century, diamonds earned their permanent place in the wedding ring after Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave an engagement ring laden with flat diamonds to Mary of Burgundy.

Ever since, diamonds have been a symbol of wealth and marital love, thus an intrinsic aspect of virtually all wedding rings. Many people choose to honour the memory of each other, or other people living or deceased, in engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding bands as well.

Having Remembrance Diamonds Created for Your Wedding Ring or Bridal Set is Easy. Only a Few Locks of Hair are Needed to Create a Lifetime Treasure

The first step in having a celebration diamond created is to collect the sample of hair you wish to use. Many couples even decide to incorporate a lock of hair from a family member that has passed away as a way to commemorate their memory, in addition to their own hair.

Approximately half a cup of hair is needed. Once you have a sample ready, simply send it to us along with all the specifications and instructions you have about the type of diamond you want in terms of cut, colour, clarity, and weight.

Once your sample is received, you are given a tracking number that you can use to monitor your diamond throughout every step of the diamond-growing process. Your sample of hair is placed in a high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) machine and the carbon is extracted and used to grow the diamond.

The diamond is grown using this same HPHT technology over the course of a couple of months which mimics Earth’s natural process deep within the mantle. Once the diamond is done growing, it is sent to our experts that polish and cut the stone in accordance with the highest industry standards. Then, it is graded by the 4Cs, and a Certificate of Authenticity is issued which verifies that it is a real diamond.

Finally, the diamond is set in the jewellery option you have selected or sent to you as a loose stone, depending on the arrangements you made. If you are located in an area that permits, your diamond is delivered to your door by one of our consultants. Otherwise, you will receive it by a certified courier.

Memorials Diamonds Hold Deeper Sentiment Yet Cost Less than Mined Diamonds

One might think that purchasing a customized real diamond grown in a state-of-the-art laboratory from the very substance of a person would cost more than a traditional diamond. On the contrary, celebration diamonds cost on average 20 to 30 percent less than mined-diamonds. Considering the fact that couples in the United Kingdom are spending 19 percent less on engagement rings now than they did a decade ago, buying a wedding or engagement ring that features a celebration diamond has become an even more appealing option.

At Heart In Diamond, we take this benefit a step further. In addition to selling memorial diamond types that are more affordable than mined diamonds — we also guarantee the lowest prices in the industry. In fact, if you can find a memorial diamond at a lower price, we will match it.

Using a diamond created from of hair in an engagement or wedding ring is truly the most intimate expression of love. No other diamond in the world can compare to the memories and sentiment attached to your very own memorial diamond.