Diamonds Made from the Ashes of Cats: Keep the memory of your precious feline alive

While cats are considered second to dogs when it comes to most popular pets in the UK, many prefer and value their company. It is estimated that 30 to 40 percent of households own a cat in the UK.

In fact, people worldwide love their kitties so much, there is an international cat day to celebrate them. In Egypt archaeologists have even unearthed a cat cemetery dating back to the era of the Romans.

Cats have been found to bring many health benefits. For example, helping you cope with losing a loved one, lowering risk of heart disease, and helping children with autism.

But what happens when such an important companion passes away? How can you honour the life of your feline? Pay tribute to your cat by creating something unique and beautiful to always keep close to your heart. Heart In Diamond can help by putting the ashes of your cherished feline into a machine that turns them into an authentic diamond.

Remember your beloved feline friend in your own individual way

Persian. Siamese. Maine Coon. Sphinx. There are dozens of different breeds of cats.

As each cat is different, you can create custom cremation diamond jewellery that represents their personality. Each person has his or her own individual story about their cat, with us they can express that.

How are they made? In terms of chemical and physical properties, memorial diamonds are identical to mined-diamonds. The only difference is the source of carbon. A cremation diamond is made from the ashes or hair of a person or pet, including cats.

Choose the Right Colour of Diamond that Matches Your Precious Kitty

We offer a variety of five colours to choose from:

  1. Deep red
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow-green
  4. Orange-yellow
  5. White

If your cat had striking blue eyes, such as an Ojos Azules or Javanese, you might choose a design that includes a beautiful blue diamond. If your cat had white fluffy fur such as a Siberian breed, then you may consider choosing a white colourless diamond.

Shades of these colours will be influenced by the breed of cat. A Norwegian forest cat will create a different shade of blue when compared to a Burmese cat for example.

Choose the right cut for your cremation diamond made from cat ashes

Brilliant (round) cut. Princess cut. Radiant cut. These are the three most popular cuts we offer, but many are available upon request to suit your memory best.

Our most popular cut is the brilliant round cut. Due to the many facets cut into the diamond, the light reflected gives it a bright shine and the large surface area on top makes it look larger than it is.

The princess cut is very flexible, reflective, and beautiful.

The radiant cut is so named as it reflects a lot of light.

Choose the carat weight of your cremation diamond

From the largest breeds like Ragdoll to smaller sizes like the Singapur, cats come in all different sizes. Heart In Diamond is able to achieve nine different weights to match your individual requirements.

Cats are often an integral part of the family. Their life tells a great story and the fundamental impact they had on their human companions. Like all family members they need to be mourned and remembered. By creating a gem out of them, their memory will always be with you.