What to do with the ashes?

Scatter. Bury. Turn them into a diamond. For deciding what to do with the cremated ashes of a loved one, many options are available in our modern era. Many people bury the ashes as you would a coffin. Others scatter the ashes in a special location. You can even turn ashes to diamonds!

Cremation Provides Several Options for Remembering a Loved One

At a funeral, when the coffin descends into the ground — that’s it. A sense of finality accompanies the feelings of loved ones when they have them buried, as their bodies are just gone. Never to be seen again.

However, with cremation, family members are given the body back, only in a different form. As the popularity of cremation in the UK continues to rise, the options for what to do with ashes do, including:

  • Scattering ashes in a special place
  • Burying the ashes
  • Transforming the cremated ashes into real diamonds
  • Growing the ashes into a tree or plant
  • Storing the ashes in a decorative urn and placing it on display in a home
  • Carrying a vial of the ashes with you in a necklace or other jewellery
  • Having the ashes mixed with paint and used by an artist to paint a portrait of your loved one
  • Blown glass jewellery and paperweights with the ashes suspended within

Laws in the United Kingdom About Spreading Ashes

In the UK, the laws regulating the scattering of ashes are relaxed and do not stop people from spreading over land or water. The permission from the landlord is needed to scatter on private property. You can scatter them in a river without permission, but should first get in touch with the Environment Agencies Guidance before doing so.