What Can I Do With My Pet’s Ashes?

Many people choose to store their pet’s ashes in an urn or scatter them at a meaningful place. Another option is to incorporate the ashes into a portrait of your dog or cat.

Store the cremains in an urn

If you’re looking for a unique way to memorize your pet, you can store the remains in an urn. It should be simple, aesthetically designed, and enough to store the pet’s remains. To keep the memory alive, you can display the ashes on a shelf at home. Urns come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose aluminum or painted ceramic vessels. The standard rule is to ensure you have one cubic inch for every pound of your pet’s weight. Be sure to use a biodegradable cremation urn as it does not have an adverse effect on the environment.

Scatter the ashes

You can scatter the ashes in the yard where the pet lived or played. Another option is to release the ashes in a place that has a special meaning for your dog or cat. It could be a pond, park or any other favorite spot. You can choose to make the ceremony formal or informal—there is no right or wrong way to do it.

Turn your pet’s remains into diamonds

This is one of the best ways to carry the memory of your pet wherever you go. There are so many things to do with the created diamond. You can set it in a necklace, ring, or any other jewellery. A cremation diamond will honor your pet’s memory and promote conversations about them. You can choose the color, carat, and cut to create a truly personalized piece.

Out of the box options

There are other ways of using your pet’s cremation remains to pay a special tribute. For instance, you can make a painting. To do this, coloring materials are mixed with the ashes. Alternatively, you can place the ashes in an hourglass. While it may not be a reliable timepiece, this is a remarkable way to cherish the good times you had with your pet. Make sure you place it at a focal point like your bedroom window or hang in your living room.

Pet cremation has become a popular trend in the UK. The loss of a dog, cat or other pet can affect people in different ways so you should use the best approach that gives you comfort. You may want to consider any of the above methods to pay respect to your pet and remind you of your days together.