How much is a one carat diamond worth?

All diamonds are not equal. Therefore, the value of one-carat of diamond is going to vary greatly depending on the four Cs of diamond grading, and the type of diamond it is. How much might the value differ? As an example, an SI1-G round diamond weighing one carat can be valued below 4,000 GBP for one that is poorly cut to more than 8,000 GBP for one that is very well-cut. Furthermore, lab-grown diamonds often cost between 20 to 40 percent less than mined-diamonds, which must also be taken into consideration.

While all the four Cs impact the value of a diamond that you might want for a pair of diamond earrings, the cut of the diamonds that will be used for the studs is the most determining factor in terms of the price and value of the diamonds.


While clarity and colour often receive most of the attention out of the four Cs — the cut of a diamond to be used in bereavement earrings is one of the most critical aspects. Why? How well or how poorly a diamond is cut will affect its most prominent feature — the sparkle factor.


Carat is a measurement of the weight of a diamond and is a good indicator of the approximate size. However, two diamonds that weigh exactly the same will not always be identical in size.


Colour refers to whether the diamond has a body colour tint. Even diamonds that appear colourless might have a yellow or even greyish colour that is not very noticeable.


The amount of trace inclusions, or imperfections, present in a diamond are analysed to determine its clarity. These include small cracks, feathers, dark spots, gas bubbles, etc.

Cremation Earrings: Earrings from Ashes of a Loved One

Whether you are shopping for stud earrings, or a single earring for the rook, tragus, helix, lobe, or other piercing of the earlobe — remembrance earrings that have been made from the cremated ashes of a loved one provide a more affordable, sentimental, and beautiful way to acquire the dramatic one-carat statement earrings you want.