Cremation Diamond Jewellery is an Elegant Way to Express Love, Style, & Remembrance

From simple studs to elaborate drop earrings, you can find a set of remembrance earrings or a memorial ring from Heart In Diamond that perfectly complements the memories you have of your loved one. Join us as we explore some lovely examples of cremation jewellery.

Capture an elegant style that’s comfortable, casual, and safe for everyday wear with these diamond earrings.

The smooth edges of this set of stud earrings are perfect for standard wear at the bottom of the ear lobe or in various parts of the ear including:

  • Rook
  • Tragus
  • Helix

The modest size of these bereavement earrings also makes them ideal for piercing the ear. Plus, the versatility of these studs makes them a great gift idea if you are shopping for women’s earrings or men’s earrings. Admire the beauty of these ultra-safe six-prong 14K yellow-gold earrings from Heart In Diamond:

Grab a set of gorgeous statement earrings to memorialise a loved one

Statement earrings that are sure to turn heads make the perfect remembrance earrings. It’s comforting to those who are mourning to wear such a conversation piece that opens up the door to share memories and the significance behind the remembrance earrings.

Take a look at this set of hinged hoop 14k white-gold earrings:

Styles of cremation diamond rings from Heart In Diamond

A solitaire diamond ring setting gives all the attention to the sparkling rock on your ring finger!

Simple-styled rings paired with a single jewel enhance the beauty and shimmer of the celebration diamond. This style is sure to keep the cremation diamond the focal point of the jewellery.

Take a look at this classic four-prong 14-carat yellow gold solitaire ring with a white brilliant-cut cremation diamond:

A vintage princess-cut ring with a ruby-red diamond is the perfect tribute to anyone who was a lover of vintage style.

Certain ring designs never go out of style. Red diamonds evoke intense emotions of love, passion, and life. A catching diamond such as this looks breathtaking when situated in a unique setting that stands out from the pack.

Rather than being risky and buying an ultra-modern and elaborate ring, you might want to look at vintage rings because they are a safe bet as they have been tried-and-true throughout the years. The most popular vintage rings available are timeless because the ones that made it in today’s market had a style that was so popular, it never faded out. One such example is the following lovely round 18-carat yellow gold halo ring with a deep-red celebration diamond in brilliant cut:

A sleek contemporary cremation ring is the ideal choice for today´s modern woman on the go!

In a rather surprising shift of the times, instead of becoming more elaborate and detailed, modern, or contemporary ring styles embrace simplicity. While much of the shift is likely due to aesthetic tastes of the modern lady — women often cite convenience and practicality as reasons simple rings are preferred.

Fluidity. Simplicity. Modern rings often feature tasteful styles with fluid lines and sleek curves. Furthermore, as more young adults embrace the adoption of more natural lifestyles, greenish-yellow diamonds experience a boost in popularity. A perfect example is the following platinum “delicate” ring setting with a modern-green cremation diamond situated on the intricate bezel: